Goal Digger Chronicles

Welcome to My Timeline

1980 – Present

Hi, welcome to CoachMisty.com and The Goal Digger Chronicles. This is my personal story of how I arrived to my current place in the world and how I overcome opposition and negativity thru the Power of Goal Digging. One thing you will find out quick is that I L-O-V-E planning and creating Goals along with Action Plans (I might be the Queen of Action Plans). I don’t believe in writing “Fluff” pieces, I say what I need to say and move on. I am very direct and a certified Realist which is a great attribute when creating goals and taking action. So with that being said let’s get right to it:

  • 1980: Born in Cleveland, Ohio on the hottest day of the year.
  • 1988: Opened my 1st cupcake stand outside my grandmother’s house to earn money for BBQ Fries (btw..I love BBQ Fries) – 8 yrs. old
  • 1988: Placed into the Talented & Gifted Program in 3rd grade. – 8 yrs. old
  • 1994: Kicked out of the Talented & Gifted Program in 8th grade (I lost focus due to family issues) – 14 yrs. old
  • 1996: Hired at my first job on my 16th Birthday. Discovered I was pregnant a couple months later and was kicked out the house. – 16 yrs. old
  • 1997: Gave birth to my oldest son Ian and returned home from Open Door Maternity Home. – 17 yrs. old
  • 1997: Left my mother’s house for good. – 17 yrs. old
  • 1998: Graduated from High School and gave birth to my 2nd child, Erinn. – 18 yrs. old
  • 1998: Accepted to Ursuline College majoring in Nursing and working at Einstein Bros. Bagel Co. part-time. – 18 yrs. old
  • 1999: Dropped-out of Ursuline College to work at the U.S. Postal Service as a Clerk. I needed money and the bagel gig wasn’t getting it. – 19 yrs. old
  • 2000: Helped my grandmother pay off her mortgage and realized that I didn’t want to work at the Post Office for the rest of my life and I at this point I’m barely seeing my kids…so I quit (Never be afraid to quit a job if your family is on the line). – 20 yrs. old
  • 2001: Enrolled in Beauty School because I wanted to own a Salon. I also was pregnant with my 3rd child whom I lost the same year. Dropped out of Beauty School upon my Instructor telling me that I needed to enroll in a university..plus I couldn’t give a roller-set to save my life. Moved to Public Housing to start my journey of educating myself and becoming independent.- 21 yrs. old
  • 2002: Gave birth to my 4th child, Zoe and enrolled at Cleveland State University during the Summer term. Awarded two scholarships and working in my 2nd year as a AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer with the HIPPY Program. Stated making jewelry and decorating mini tote bags for fun. – 22 yrs. old
  • 2003: Gave birth to my 5th (and final) child, Zion. Raising my children in a two-parent household and enjoying life. Obtained a wholesaler license in order to buy my personal jewelry for the low. – 23 yrs. old
  • 2004: Separated from the kid’s father, woke up one morning and discovered that I only had $5 to my name and I needed milk and diapers for my babies. Instead of borrowing money from my mom I decided to sell that jewelry I had bought in bulk to the lunch lady’s at my kid’s school. Within three hours my $5 budget turned into a $50 budget and my 1st business (The Bag Lady) was born. – 24 yrs. old
  • 2005: With the help of my mom, I supplemented my part-time job income with profits from The Bag Lady and moved out of public housing into a 3-bedroom duplex house. I also bought my 1st car. At this point I’m a single mom raising four children while enrolled in college full-time. – 25 yrs. old
  • 2006: Placed on academic probation and on the verge of being kicked out of college. This is when I made my 1st real Action Plan in order to graduate on time. Step 1 – move back to grandmother’s house to redirect my life (no privacy + no boy’s = good grades). I sold my car to pay for one semester of classes because I had lost my financial aid due to my GPA. My last year of college I completed 35 credit hours in order to graduate on-time. I barricaded myself in my small bedroom every weekend to study from sun-up to sun-down because I had a goal to achieve: Graduating from College. – 26 yrs. old
  • 2007: Graduated from Cleveland State University (on-time) and applied to Ashford University’s MBA program (majoring in Human Resource Management). Started my MBA program two weeks after graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Next goal, Get a Real Job. – 27 yrs. old
  • 2007: Accepted a position with Lowe’s Home Improvement and moved to Valdosta, Georgia. Worked there six months and moved back to Cleveland, Ohio because I missed my kids. Next goal, Find a place to live and a job while working on my MBA. Because my Hustle Game is sooo strong, I found an apartment and a job within two weeks of being back in Ohio. Over the next two years I worked and enjoyed life. – 27 yrs. old
  • 2009: Moved into another duplex house, graduated with my MBA and baked some cupcakes for a work function (why did I do that…). I also became a Certified Life Coach specializing in helping other’s achieve their processional and educational goals. – 29 yrs. old
  • 2010: Enrolled my kids into a private school; started tinkering with the idea of baking cupcakes as a side hustle while working full-time. During the second half of the year I was placed under a new manager and that’s when all hell broke loose. My stress level was off the charts and the only thing that gave me peace was baking so I decided to step out on faith and buy a booth at a Women’s Expo (which cost me my whole paycheck). One week after the expo I had secured catering contracts from two Forbes 500 companies and had accumulated over $1700 in sales online. Needless to say, I was able to quit my job within three months.
  • 2011: Weather took a toll on my cupcake business (our niche was delivery) and I felt as if I had outgrown Cleveland, Ohio so my next goal was to move to a warmer climate. In February 2011, I packed up my kids up in my mini-van and moved to Lewisville, TX. I didn’t know anyone in Texas (at this point..it’s just me against the world). Arrived in Texas on a Saturday and started work on a Wednesday. Tried to start making cupcakes again but after suffering a home invasion that left me homeless for 30 days, I had to put my entrepreneurship goals on hold to fulfill my basic needs (housing and safety).
  • 2012: Being homeless motivated me to work harder than ever so during this time I worked two full-time jobs (and I also started my stand-up comedy career) at the same time to secure my financial standing and afford a place in a safer neighborhood. I worked for Delta Airlines (Online Customer Service Supervisor), the State of Texas(Workforce Case Manager) and Irving ISD (Paraprofessional). The only goal I had was to keep my family safe.
  • 2014: I was offered an opportunity to work at Dallas Area Rapid Transit as a Customer Service Supervisor which meant working a “normal” schedule and spending more time with my kids while earning enough money to maintain my lifestyle on a single income. During my time as a supervisor I was assigned to New Hire training and I absolutely loved it…I had a chance to create training programs for New Hires and current customer service employees. I had found a new calling..Training Facilitator. I loved training so much that I decided to leave customer service to work in the Training Department at DART.
  • 2015: After accepting my new position in the training department (and taking a pay cut) I realized that I needed another side hustle to supplement my income..which brought me bake to baking. My next business, Cake with A Kick, was born. I hustled harder then I had ever hustled before. I gave cake to anyone who was willing to taste it. Within three months I had appeared on CW 33 News and was on my way to financial freedom. I sat down at my kitchen table and devised a year long plan to bake my way to entrepreneurship and for awhile it seemed like everything I wrote down became true.
  • 2016: I decided to re-apply for my old position as a supervisor because I could use the extra money to support my growing business. I also applied to be a vendor at the 2016 Essence Music Festival (New Orleans, LA). To my surprise my application was selected and I had eight weeks to come up with $2500 for my vendor space. I added that $2500 to my goal list and I came up with the money at the last hour (literally..lol). Although my business was growing by leaps and bounds, my work life was horrible. I was super stressed by an overwhelming work load (I had taken on some one my manager’s duties while she was out on short-term leave) and in the midst of everything I was handling, a subordinate at work tried to attack me at work which caused me to slip into a mild depression and I tried to cover up my feelings with staying busy..but soon my world would come crashing down. After a successful run at the Essence Festival I decided to start a distributor program for my cake company because as a leader I knew that I needed help selling and advertising..plus baking was my passion (not customer service..lol). The Distributor program took off faster than I could handle and it turned into a Crash ‘n Burn situation. I ended up quitting my job at DART, cutting off contact with friends and family, closing my cake business, letting a lot of people down and almost ruining my reputation (Almost is the KEY WORD).

In order to find my happy place I had to FIND ME. I had to RE-DEFINE what is important to me and LIST MY LIFE GOALS. I basically COACHED MYSELF out of a CRAZY SITUATION. I discovered my passion AGAIN and I vowed never to ignore my PURPOSE or PASSIONS againSo because I am very passionate about: Helping People, Achieving Goals, Making People Laugh and Baking, I have decided to:

  1. Start CoachMisty.com to help people achieve their goals and hopefully inspire other’s with my Story (Goal Digger Chronicles).
  2. Create online training that incorporates comedy and realness. 
  3. Continue to re-invent myself.
  4. Commit to my Goals and Action Plans 110%.
  5. Re-brand my cake business.
  6. Teach 5th grade Math until my passive income exceeds $100,000.
  7. Start a tutoring business that focuses on Math and How To Pass Standardized Tests.

Buckle Up and Get Ready For The Ride…Welcome to The Goal Digger Chronicles…