So many times we make New Year’s Resolutions…I will give up Drinking…I will give up Smoking..I will give up making Resolutions. Maybe we have said these before at the strike of midnight but nothing beats making a list. I figured that the best way to introduce myself is to introduce you to my 2017 Goals (this are the honest to God truth of what I’m working on this year.

Here Goes:

  1. Earn $100k – so in addition to being a Life Coach I am a Educator as well so my goal is earn $100,000 in total from both occupations and I have laid out several action steps which I will work on throughout the year.
  2. Earn Standard Certification by August 1, 2017 – I started my career in education by enrolling in an Alternative Certification Program in Texas and I have until the end of the school year to meet all of the requirements while teaching.
  3. Lose 100 lbs. by December 31, 2017 – Currently I weigh 315 lbs. and I am determined to lose 100 lbs. which is about 2 lbs. per week which is very realistic with the proper exercise and diet. It’s a lifestyle CHANGE !!!
  4. Coach (4) Clients – Don’t get me wrong, BLOGGING is LIFE but I defiantly want to connect with at least (4) clients this year and help them achieve their goals and find their passion (click here to work with me).
  5. Create (4) Training Programs – The Training is Coming…The Training is Coming. What’s a Life Coach without Training? Nothing. My goal is to create a training every quarter for you to enrich your life and push forward to your ultimate YOU.
  6. What happens in Vegas..Stay’s in Vegas – so my birthday is coming up in July and I will be turning 37 and I will be in Vegas. Details coming Soon…
  7. Can you say New Orleans? – Last year I had the pleasure of attending the Essence Festival as a vendor and I defiantly enjoyed the city but I didn’t get to see all that I wanted to see plus I met a special someone (hint..hint) and I want to spend time with him as well. So the next decision I have to make is WHEN and HOW I’m getting back to the N.O.
  8. CPT by September 1, 2017 – So some of who are like..What’s a CPT? Well, it’s a Certified Personal Trainer (close your mouth..I know). I have admired the interactions Personal Trainers have with their clients and I was inspired by a CPT years ago to become a Life Coach. My ultimate goal is to show the world that Plus Size woman can be healthy and curvy at the same time. In order to prepare for my CPT certification I have started a Weight Loss Certification program and I attend CrossFit classes weekly to lose the weight and take notes of my environment.
  9. Run a 5K Marathon by October 31, 2017 – All of the exercise and lifestyle changes will prepare me for my first 5K. I envision myself running in a cute pink tutu and Nike’s to match.
  10. Increase credit score by 100 points – I once heard someone say “Credit is KING” and that is so true to in the midst of building my brand I decided to build my credit as well. Unless I hit the Mega Millions tomorrow I will need to have a great credit score within the next two years and knowing my current credit score is step 1.
  11. Experience TRUE LOVE – Last year was a rocky road for me in the LOVE department. It’s difficult to hold on to a temporary situation so I have decided to LOVE Me first and find out what LOVE looks like for me. So stay tuned for more.
  12. Visit Nyla twice by December 31, 2017 – Nyla is my grand-daughter and she lives in Cleveland, Ohio. I definitely need to up my “grandma game” and visit her more often. Saving money for these trips is the first step.
  13. Get back to ME !! – I have lived my life for others way to long. As a Coach I encourage others to LIVE THEIR LIFE but in reality I wasn’t living my own TRUTH so it is now time to get back to me. I need to identify the happier times in my life and find out what the formula is and put it back in MOTION. So, let’s get back to US.
  14. Grow Hair Shoulder Length – so this is so superficial but hey I want my hair back so I will start my hair journal on YouTube tomorrow (along with other funny stuff).

So there you have it my 2017 Goals..What are your Goals? Start by Making Your List Today…